About SIR Management, Inc. - Company Profile

SIR Management is a for-profit company organized and structured to provide expert consultation to health care providers specializing in long term care. Formed in 1991, it began with a focus on oversight management of a facility specializing in the care of the mentally ill. Since then, SIR Management has continued expanding its scope to embrace all aspects of nursing home operations. Through its team of professional consultants representing all operational disciplines from housekeeping to administration, SIR Management today successfully consults with a total of thirteen nursing facilities throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area, Byron, Decatur, Rockford, Matteson and Rock Island.

The nursing home industry is growing at a very rapid pace to accommodate the increasing demand for its services. About 13 percent of today’s society is comprised of individuals who are over 65 years of age - it is further expected that as “baby boomers” age this percentage will continue to increase.

Together with this rising demand comes additional federal, state and local regulations which govern the nursing home industry both in terms of care delivery expectations as well as financing. SIR Management, with its uniquely qualified professionals, has assisted state officials in designing these enhanced regulations and has facilitated their transition.