Veteran Benefits

If you are a veteran, you or your spouse may be entitled to benefits specific to the stay in a skilled nursing home or long-term care facility. The VA, as well as other government programs, has funding specifically set aside to assist in the care of aging veterans. While qualifications and coverage costs do vary, the following includes a few programs and benefits that you may be entitled to.

Veterans who served in active military duty may be available to receive certain VA health care benefits. These benefits can help cover all or some of the costs associated with skilled nursing homes.

VA skilled nursing home eligibility is available on three different levels:

VA Funded Community Living Centers – Veterans may be available for admission into one of the VA’s community living centers. Long-term stay options include care for veterans requiring long-term skilled nursing center services. While qualifications for these programs do vary, veterans whose care is directly related to their time spent in the military are often eligible.

State Funded Veteran’s Home – Veterans may also be able to receive services from a
state funded veteran’s home. Criteria, eligibility, funding, and level of care do vary on a state by state basis; however, some of these centers specialize in the administration of long-term skilled nursing services.

Skilled Nursing Homes - The government and VA have also established contracts with many local and independently operated skilled nursing homes. Again eligibility requirements vary; however, this option often applies to veterans whose quality of care is dependent on staying close to their home and their family.

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